AdvCIS: RF on Rand License Terms for Consent Receipt v1.1

This page provides a list of the RF on Rand Licenses that have been provided.

Kantara Initiative – ISI WG: RF on Rand License to Non-Assert Covenant for CR 1.2: Notice Conformance for ISO 29184;

  • In addition to the Kantara CISWG – CR v1.8 draft, (which was transitioned to non-assert covenant IPR)
  • AdvCIS has formalised a Rand RF IPR license for the marooned MVCR RandRF IPR, to protect the contribution providence, which is required for contributors to include the resulting standards and specifications form the AdvCIS collaboration and works.
  • This provides a perpetual license for the CR v1.2: Supplemental Appendix including specifically;
  • Consent Type
  • Notice control catalogue