AdvCIS: RF on Rand License Terms for Consent Receipt v1.1

This page provides a list of the RF on Rand Licenses that have been provided. Kantara Initiative – ISI WG: RF on Rand License to Non-Assert Covenant for CR 1.2: Notice Conformance for ISO 29184; In addition to the Kantara CISWG – CR v1.8 draft, (which was transitioned to non-assert covenant IPR) AdvCIS has formalised […]


The Open Consent Group Intellectual Property Rights Policy is RandRF and it is used to protect the providence of Decentralised Governance standards so that the WG’s contributing can use the outputs of the standards as inputs to current standards works streams Current Standards WorkStream: Consent Receipt V2 RF on RAND Terms With GCs operating under […]


Governance WorkGroup (Advanced Consented Information Sharing) Welcome the Open Consent Group’s Decentralised Governance community page, where we provide updates on the technical specifications and work for the decentralised governance community. All contributions and information, unless otherwise licensed, are under the OCG Rand RF – IPR License. The OpenConsent Group is committed to protecting the providence […]

AdvCIS: IPR RF on RAND Policy

IPR Policy Royalty Free RAND Open Consent Group LICENSING REQUIREMENTS these are subject to[AdvCIS Licensed to Non-Assert Covenant IPR ][OCG IPR Policy is to ensure an open license, with appropriate providence and attribution protected by the AdvCIS – Community] RAND Mode GC Requirements This Governance Committee (GC) a committee that supports Notice an Consent Standards […]

Notice Record Schema

Towards semantic interoperability of privacy control vocabularies. OPN Notice Record for Receipts OPN-Receipt v0.59 Description This is the OPN receipt schema wiki, the OPN Network provides notice receipts for privacy, safety, surveillance and security. The notice record to receipt specification is intended to be an all purpose digital transparency record, usable for low to high […]

OpenConsent (Open Public Privacy)

Open Public Privacy: Active projects, repositories, open resources and community forums. [100% open](Home of the OpenConsent: Public Privacy Classification System for People) Open Standards We Actively Support Kantara Initiative CISWG, ISO 29184, OASIS, W3C : Resources (Universal) Notice Receipt Schema – for semantic privacy systems. Kantara Consent Receipt; OASIS: COEL W3C DPV HyperLedger; Personal Data […]